I just copied those from my old site. I feel I should add something to these texts or erase some/some parts, add bigger photos. Right now it is how it is, hopefully informative.
Ivan Ozetski, a Croatian visual artist, was the first to recognize the playfulness and sincere intentions of a simple person that comes from a small village from Hrvatsko Zagorje (me). Ok, don't listen to me :) So there we were, sitting in our atelier, after the lunch. Three students, four students if i remember well, enough to say that this could be some kind of audience. There I wrote a couple of poems on cardboard, that i painted a bit. Although everything was so childish, silly, there still was the first time that i felt that existing in the simplest form as I was there, just serving that audience that got the message I sent, I knew that I was truly very happy that my art is happening as i wanted to do it. Keep in mind that just maybe two years before that I was thinking that maybe I should continue with my career in the military where i was working as a professional soldier. Fuck the army and the military hierarchy. Here, I was on my own, nobody above or under me. (The poem I am holding) My Pain O state situation, I am hungry I would like to eat something nice. To spend? But what? Albert (The poem on the right) Hunger Doctor, I am sick do you have something against hunger? Fat.
In the same tone as the work before, together with the same friend, Ivan, the photographer, we said to make a couple of shots in front of the academy. The idea was to be a man who is standing on a stone, as other statues in the academies park (actually there was an idea to paint me in white to be more like a statue). So then the thin person who is always complaining should say something like: "Joj kak je meni tesko", or "how hard it is for me". Ivan, the photographer and I took a walk along Ilica, the longest street in zagreb and bought 0.1L travarica each, drank it and went slowly to the academy. What I will do there, what exactly and why, that I will do on the place. It was important to have the same underwear. That was always the same underwear. I wore that kind of underwear when i was a little kid. They have some kind of hole in the top that should be an opening if one has to pee or something. That never functioned because it is always easier to just put them down, so somehow that underwear from the past time, with less-function and more-pose, had some kind of visual like-hood to my figure, that thin person who, ok, might be hungry. but what hungry for, what he did there, why bother. It will be a nice photograph and we will pull out something out of it later. That is what happened. We went after to Ivan's laboratory and we worked with silver-gelatine in a liquid form. As the gelatine was drying, we were looking to the photography, that was in front of us, drinking Macedonian wine.
Pero Mrnarevic and me walked more than 200km to realize that we have to give up our performance idea. Still - to walk from Zagreb to Klagenfurt and up to the mountain in the end, was quite lot of fun.
Always the same refrains coming from my stomach to remind me that i am hungry. A spirit, ready to start a new revolution is awaken in me, but how can i call for revolution when a lust for ordinary life is tearing me apart? series of photos, 2002
Artist's working place is virtually everywhere. Working at sleep and in bed is a very serious job, but mostly underestimated because everyone can do it. Stills from the video, 2002
Interesting people and situations sometimes - waiting in the line for eating.
A performance and paintings from my first solo exhibition. i hired a person that, although not an artist, curageously performed even better than me.
An installation on an ironing board.
Recording my presence in front of a working surface. applying it on media, then repeating the whole process. there is one small step in mind of a houswife who can sew and knit, to become an artist. it happens rarely, but if it does, sewing and knitting in a same way becomes unbearable. artist shouldn't be afraid to be craft-producer but should always keep in mind that art is something different.
"areas inhabited by...", series of collages at the First Drava Art Annale
"The birth of an artist", performance and sculpture at the Eight Triennial of Croatian Sculpture, 2003
It would like to meet someone new, to be in love, for love would inspire me instantly. I lost my tooth while eating a cake. electric steel etching, 2004
"tri dogadaja" ("three occasions") - after finding out more about my family, all the unneccesarry conflicts that were aging more and more, without being solved, I did this video that gave me enough spirit to go through the days when I was alone enough. Three stories as three occasions gave a new dimension to my artistic expression. DV 14:20, 2005