I just copied those from my old site. I feel that I should add something to these texts or erase some (some parts), add bigger photos. Right now it is how it is, hopefully informative.
"What is the time" - I stood on a bridge in Helsinki and ask a person passing, one of the only questions I learned in Finnish - "mitä kello on?". (from the video: - I need a woman - she will warm my heart - and we will wash the dishes together) DV 03:03, 2006
I organized a poetry evening as a quick shock therapy for wakening up creativity reserves, without any special reason. During one day I concentrated to write as much poems I could, without thinking about their quality. It was a success, I was able to make maybe fifteen poems. I read them aloud, I sang, visitors seemed to liked it, because they felt comfortable to stand up and dance, have a drink and join in the end, a relaxing sauna.
"I learned morse code in the army but never actually used it" - by using morse code (with visual binary code of standing and sitting), I formed simple messages. DV 02:28, 2006
Surveillance camera (artist discovers dirty socks) I left camera turned on for a longer period of time. In the end, artist found socks. DV 00:54 2006
Untitled experimental video collage, DV 19:16, 2006
Matt Chaumont in Sydney and me in Helsinki - beerbrewing at Sinebrychoffin Puisto. Matt was in Sydney and I was in Helsinki. Two people that shared same studio made a deal to setup an installation for the "Unknown city" event in Helsinki, organized by Erkki Soininen. The event took place in various places to give people the chance to experience the city in a new light - same places, different events, minimal interventions that activate surroundings. Our installation was in the small tower in Sinebrychoffin puisto ("the Sinebfychoff's park").
(presenting Ivo Molua Mokake) Ivo and me lived together for about six months. I recorded him from time to time and in the end, made this short documentary. DV 24:45, 2006
"After the football match". A feeling I have now towards this video is - at that time, I felt that I made it with a good measure, nothing maybe too much, but maybe yes, I thought it was too much. during the time, the feeling grew, I don't feel so confident about it. I don't know if I will ever put my poetry in my video works. Still, I feel the quality of video, as video, without sound, the passing through the wall and scrubbing the razor blade down my face, it seems that I was there in the right moment. In any case, the text I wrote, was the text I have written after a great disappointment, after a football match - the World Championship two thousand and six, when Croatia played draw game against Australia. I felt that I didn't want to do anything else, but take a pencil and write a couple of lines that would make me calm, I took a microphone and tested to read the written text couple of times, to hear how the quality of words changes with my voice. DV 07:01, 2007
"Long wave" a friend, Lauri, was tuning the scale on a radio. I don't know if this video would be interesting for anyone who doesn't know Lauri, but that is how it is, sometimes it is just good to present something that is personal and doesn't connect to anything. For myself, Lauri is mysterious, unpredictable, with a fantastic sense of humor. It is fun to see him in action, as an experimental sound artist. DV 03:11, 2007
"Electric motor" - I started to experiment with one electric motor a couple of weeks before I made this video. I applied to perform on Placard - an experimental sound event, that was transmitted on several radio stations around the world. I didn't know what I will perform, since I don't really have any experience in making music or sound, especially not in front of others. But since I started to change my point of view, what music or sound is and the whole world of this huge unexplored terrain, that I grasped into just suddenly, opened. I don't want to call myself a visual artist just because of my educational background, I am also a sound artist and a musician. So just one day in my studio I was playing with some electric motors and amplifying the sounds they produced simply by putting them close to a microphone. First alone with my headphones, then in front of other people broadcasted on the radio. It was successful and I continued with it to put it together with the video. As with security camera, that is perfect for close shots, the wide angled lens is sucking in everything it gets into contact - hair, skin, or Jussi's nose. DV 06:07, 2007
Untitled - camera is attached to my right foot. moves are very rough and mechanical. The vision given to a part of body with a different function, gives a new function to vision also. The world as we see it is not always beautiful and smooth. Vertigo brought by monotonous sound of steps and ourselves, by walking too fast without stopping. DV 07:30, 2007

(together with Johannes Koch)
Pop'n'koch (as rock'n'roll) was a collaboration with a german painter Johannes Koch. After couple of experimental sound sessions, Matthew Chaumont, who had an experimental sound event called ImprovHelsinki, invited us to perform there. We perform behind semi-transparent surface. Stroboscope light is lighting our bodies and thus cast our shadows over the surface. 2007
(from... http://improvhelsinki.blogspot.com/2006/03/)

8th Session - Sunday 1st April
from klo. 20:00 @ The Barracks, Kasarmikatu 36

pop 'n' koch !!!!!!!!! (CRO/GER)

pop:  we don't have to be perfect... are we unperfect?

koch: of course we are! but being perfect is boring.
      ... but tell me pop, is music influencing your emotions?

pop:  everything touches emotions... what is music?
      i think my mum touches my emotions and she is maybe then musician?

koch: my mum... i would like to thank her that she always cooked enough food,
      i was never hungry in my youth.

pop:  what is her favourite musician?

koch: she likes gilbert becaud. do you know he is called "100000 volt guy"?

pop:  what are we then? well let's do our best for improvhelsinki 1st of april

koch: we will hit the exact place and exact time.

pop 'n' koch (c) 2007

Gilbert B├ęcaud - Nathalie Pop'n'Koch
Some more photos...
Untitled - christmas atmosphere in the countryside near Riihimäki. DV 04:22, 2007
Hypnotizing session and hypnotic contract. Together with Marion Ermenault, 2007
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" - every scene is continuously repeated until viewer looses the urge for the new visual material - then starts to discover all the details of the repeated scene. The same happens with the sound - one from series of sound fragments is continuously repeated. The blank screen, as same as silence, brings back the missing content - the images or the sound. DV 11:20 2007
"Interview with Seppo Renvall" - (together with sound and camera) I was honoured to interview a Finnish legend of experimental film and video. DV 31:30, 2008
(Together with Petri Junttila)
Collaboration with Petri Junttila resulting in series of photographs. Petri and me went around the town with a medium format camera and a tripod. We tried to catch the essence of Helsinki that was hibernating, as it seems during the winter time, forever. 2008
Shinji Kanki on piano and me performing, together on an event organized again by Shinji Kanki and Matt Chaumont (ImprovHelsinki) 2007/2008
A solo exhibition in Galleri Bergman in Helsinki. Drawings that i made using self made electronical/mechanical device that I controlled entirely manually. 2008
Kresimir being a worm-musician on an experimental sound event oganized by Shinji Kanki in Helsinki. 2008